The Five Lives of the Frigate Suomen Joutsen


The exhibition “The Five Lives of the Frigate Suomen Joutsen” tells the history of the frigate Suomen Joutsen from 1902 onwards. The exhibition depicts the stages of the vessel, from its construction at a French shipyard to its transformation into a museum ship and its preservation at Forum Marinum’s dock. The ship is the last remaining frigate in Finland. Its white hull, riveted steel structures, and impressive rigging leave a lasting impression.

The exhibition narrates the various stages of the ship through objects, photographs, films, and memories. In addition to the structures, the vessel’s usage and operational culture have also evolved. The ship has been inhabited and utilized by different communities: sailors, naval soldiers, aspiring sailors, teachers, and most recently, museum professionals and Forum Marinum visitors.


The main part of the exhibition is located in the main deck exhibition space, with additional sections scattered throughout the ship. The ship is open to the public during the summer months, and guided tours can be arranged for the winter season to visit the exhibition.


The exhibition is open to the public in June, July, and August. At other times, it is available for group visits by appointment.