About Forum Marinum


The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is a lively and versatile centre for maritime activities, comprising a national special nautical museum, and the Finnish Navy Museum. Forum Marinum is also a cultural heritage preservation site, a maritime place of interest and a venue for meetings and public events. The centre cooperates with universities, colleges, museums and other public and private organisations.

Forum Marinum is an attractive producer and developer of high-quality maritime cultural and tourism services. The objective of the Forum Marinum is to safeguard and preserve the maritime cultural heritage of the Finnish south-west coast, the Archipelago Sea and the Baltic Sea.

Forum Marinum organises various exhibitions, meetings, conferences and educational activities pertaining to seafaring, harbours and ship and boat building; it supports events organised by others and functions as coordinator for various maritime events.

The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre is administered by the Forum Marinum Foundation, which was established in 1998.
Forum Marinum is also member of the Finnish Museums Association, the ICOM (International Council of Museums) and the ICMM (International Council of Maritime Museums).