Getting to the museum


1. The Suomen Joutsen

The ocean-faring full-rigger Suomen Joutsen has a colourful history. The permanent exhibition “The Five Lives Of Our National Treasure” is displayed on board the ship. The rooms on board the Suomen Joutsen can also be used for various functions and presentations.


2. The Sigyn

The only remaining wooden-hulled barque which has transported cargo in ocean traffic in the entire world. The Sigyn is located 500 metres up the river.


3. The Boat Quay

Floating museum vessels from the Postineiti to the Greyhound of the Bothnian Sea.


4. Museum Crane

In the front of the Forum Marinum there is a crane from the Wärtsilä shipyard which has been moved here from eastern bank of the river.


5. The Karjala and the Keihässalmi

Forum Marinum is also the Finnish Navy Museum.


6. Päänäyttely: Töissä merellä

The history of merchant shipping and the navy in the permanent collection of Forum Marinum.


7. Kurrin konehuone

An impressive collection of over 200 boat engines which have been collected by Jouko Kurri.


8. Ravintola Göran

Enjoy a delicious lunch or a cup of coffee next to and authentic sailing boat.


9. Seminar room and the Daphne Cabinet

A unique setting for meetings and celebrations.


10. The Boat Hall

Displayed here are the Taisto 3, the Nuoli 8, the Admiral boat, tender of the armoured vessel Ilmarinen, and the sea rescue boats Anna Gadd and Ledsung.


11. The Archipelago Sea Square

A meeting place decorated by 4550 plates with the name of donors who have supported the work of protecting the Archipelago Sea.


12. The Åbo Akademi Institute of Maritime History

An archive and a library specialising in maritime history and ethnology.


13. The Messi Conference Room

These versatile spaces can be used separately or joined to form one room.


14. Ticket Office and Museum Shop

Our tar-scented shop offers a wide selection of maritime souvenirs and gifts.


15. The Ruuma Auditorium

A well-equipped meeting room seating up to 100 persons.


16. Vaihtuvat näyttelyt

Upeita vaihtuvia näyttelyitä kaikenikäisille.


17. The Shipbuilders

The story of the long finnish traditions in building ships and their engines.


18. The Boat Collection

Sailing and motorboats, and the history of Finnish leisure boating.


19. The Bore Exhibition and River Hostel Turku

An extensive and authentic exhibition about the various stages in the history of the Bore, from its commissioning and building up to the present day, and about the various seafaring actors connected to the ship.

The museum’s landmark is the white museum ship Suomen Joutsen, which can be seen from afar. The Forum Marinum Maritime Centre stands beside the River Aura, close to Turku Castle and the city’s harbour. The centre’s address is Linnankatu 72.

Forum Marinum’s main facade faces the River Aura, but there is also an entrance from the Linnankatu side. See our location from Turku map service. It is easy to get to the Forum Marinum on foot, by car or on public transport.

On foot

On foot

The pedestrian route to the Forum Marinum follows the scenic river path along the banks of the Aura.

The distance from the Market Square to the maritime centre is about 2.5 kilometres. The route along the Aura is simple: walk along Läntinen Rantakatu until you arrive at the Suomen Joutsen.

By car

By car

There is parking space for both cars and buses in the yard of the museum. Please note that parking only with a parking disc!

When driving from the centre of Turku, follow the signs for the harbour. Forum Marinum is located on the river side of Linnankatu, shortly before Turku Castle. The entrance to the yard is at the castle end of the area.

By public transport

By public transport

Turku Public Transport’s bus number 1 runs between the airport and the harbour. The national bus station is also located along the route. The bus stops at the Market Square and continues towards the harbour. The Form Marinum bus stop is located shortly before the museum, and before the Turku Castle stop.

Bus schedules

Another option is to take the train to the Turku harbour, and walk the short distance from there.