A maritime museum just for kids!









A maritime museum just for kids!

At the Maritime Center Forum Marinum, there is a children’s maritime museum where kids can playfully learn about and explore seafaring. As the waves crash, the ship may sway at times, and the museum is affectionately called TYRSKYNMYRSKYN!

At the heart of the exhibition is a magnificent ship that will surely ignite the adventurous spirit of every little sailor. Designed as a high-quality custom piece and meticulously crafted wooden vessel, it is approximately 7 meters long, with its railing standing at about 2 meters high. Visitors can climb aboard the ship’s deck and steer under the rising sky of clouds. While gazing at the horizon, one can see genuine constellations, which were used for navigation on daring sea voyages! It might be good for adults to occasionally review what the constellation of Orion looked like..




Through a speaking tube, the captain’s commands echo down to the lower decks of the ship, and the authentic interior, including nautical charts and signal flags, adds to the feeling of a real sea adventure. The captain’s cabin is adorned with plush sofas and curtains, and the ship’s most valuable space is warmed by a cozy fireplace. The durable, safe, and stylish wooden structures convey authenticity and a pursuit of culture, drawing inspiration not only from museum settings but also from theater stage sets. The entirety, from start to finish, is designed by Forum Marinum, and even the smallest details are handmade with ethical material choices in mind.



The ship’s hold is spacious and accessible, accommodating even larger groups of children for relaxing maritime storytimes or self-guided play. Next to the ship stands a tall lighthouse, whose glow calms the minds of busy parents as well.

Children’s Maritime Museum is explored under the supervision of parents and is free for children under 7 years old.