40 000+ Experience the Largest Archipelago in the World

What is life like in the archipelago? What are the small but crucial organisms that inhabit the seabed? How can you ensure the well-being of the ocean? The 40,000+ exhibition brings the delicate and beautiful nature of the archipelago within touching distance and presents its magical world in an exciting manner. The archipelago is a home for both people and animals, residing by the sea.

With the addition of the 40,000+ exhibition, Forum Marinum expands its focus beyond maritime and naval themes to include the marine environment and the archipelago, considering both the perspectives of residents and the environment.

Forum Marinum also collaborates with visitor destinations in the archipelago by producing exhibitions that showcase their history. Learn more through this link: https://merikeskus.360tour.fi/

The exhibition’s partners include Visit Turku, Visit Parainen, Visit Kemiönsaari, Visit Naantali, Metsähallitus, the University of Turku, Åbo Akademi University, Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association, the John Nurminen Foundation, the Northern Growth Zone, Turun suomalaisen yhteiskoulun lukio, and Ruissalo Nature School.

The exhibition is part of the City of Turku’s Maritime Center project, which aims to strengthen Turku as a maritime city. The close collaboration between the City of Turku and Forum Marinum brings forth an even broader and immersive Maritime Center, where the magnificent archipelago is brought within touching distance. The exhibition is realized as part of the City of Turku’s Archipelago Access project, which has received funding from the EU’s Central Baltic Interreg (2014-2020) program.


Look and explore

Life in the Archipelago

Explore the residents of the archipelago, whose lives are closely intertwined with nature and the sea. Engaging videos take viewers from the remote Utö all the way to the banks of the Aura River, shedding light on the reasons why living and thriving in the archipelago is so magnificent!



Little Heroes

The Baltic Sea is teeming with tiny organisms that play a massive role in the entire ecosystem. You’ll see these creatures magnified as if through a researcher’s microscope and get to examine their fascinating structures up close.


In the Embrace of the Archipelago

Archipelago landscapes unfold around you, spanning the width of a ten-meter wall. A mesmerizing piece projected onto the curved space’s walls takes you on a journey through the archipelago, from one season and mood to another. Pause for a moment and experience the diversity of the world’s largest archipelago. You can explore the landscape freely or sit down peacefully.


Living Laboratory

Welcome to experience and experiment, to explore and create yourself! As an explorer of the archipelago, an adventurer, and a marine researcher, it’s you. The changing content and workshops inspire hands-on activities and insights.